Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Coconut Chicken Nuggets

I have a lot of chicken in my freezer. Whenever the good stuff goes on sale, I stock up and lately I have been really stocking up. Though the best deal I got was at Sunflower Market. They ran out of Ground Turkey on sale so they gave me the ground chicken fo the same price, therefore I stocked up! If you have a Sunflower Market by you I definitely recommend it. The prices were very reasonable and well since we don't have Trader Joe's in Colorado Springs this is the next best thing.

So what to do with all the ground chicken I have now accumulated. Well you know I'm obsessed with coconut... I looked around online (ok googled) for a little bit until I found the recipe I HAD to try and crossed my fingers I could make it taste good since the picture was making me drool. I found two sites (one was the great Health-Bent) that had basically the same recipe: Click to see the full recipe:
Both have the same recipe for the chicken, but different sauces

About 1 pound ground chicken
1 egg yolk
1 teasp onion powder
1/4 teasp garlic powder
1/4 cup + 1/2 cup almond flour
1/2 cup UNSWEETENED shredded coconut
1/2 cupish coconut oil
Salt and Pepper to taste

I used a small bowl to combine the coconut and flour to dip the balls in and then a bigger bowl for the chicken and rest of the ingredients. Get ready to get messy! The chicken mixture stuck to my hands like glue and I should have maybe coated my hands with some flour. I made one hand the hand that goes into the chicken and the other one that would roll it in the almond flour and put in the pan. I got the pan nice and hot and put a little bit of oil in it and just did batches. Tip: Make sure you make the balls small otherwise when you cook them in the oil the outsides get burned and they still aren't cooked inside. If they are getting dark and aren't done, put them on a cookie sheet with parchment and put them in the oven for a little bit. I still ate the burned ones(I call them extra crispy)...yum!

The coconut and almond flour crisps up perfectly! I moved them around in the pan with some tongs to make sure all sides were crispy and cooked and the chicken was completely done, when they got that golden brown tint is when I would rotate. I added coconut oil as necessary, but usually after each small batch was done. Let them cool on a paper towel for a little bit and dang they almost look as good as the picture and it was super easy. Now for the taste test!

I didn't have time or all the ingredients to make any of the sauce they have, but I'm sure they are great. I had some Paleo BBQ sauce I got from a natural grocers (check those ingredients!) and some Agave (I can't help it, I LOVE it!) and dipped the little balls of love into them. Oh man...they taste ten times better than any McDonalds nugget and about a gizzilion times healthier, yea i said gizzilion and I made it up. The crisp of the coconut and the flour on the outside give it a good crunch, and the chicken is tender and moist..ahh I hate the word moist, lets go with juicy! I served this with some kale and sweet potatoes and even surprised myself on how good they turned out. I have since made these 2 more you know you can do this too!

I ate way more than this in one sitting...
They took me about 45min to get the whole thing done. I did small batches so I 'm sure you could bigger ones and it could go by a little faster. I guarantee not only you and your friends will like this, but your kids (if you have them!) will LOVE this also. I made about 30, and they lasted a few days in the I might of eaten them for breakfast, don't judge. I just had to prove that they are good for leftovers too... Happy Cooking!

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