Friday, February 17, 2012


So I decided to start a blog about the paleo recipes that I cook. Their are so many websites with recipes, but I never know if they are good or not because people rarely review them. Since I cook A LOT, I'm going to start trying out lots of different recipes and talking about them here. I also want people to recommend recipes for me to cook.

I'm not a cook at all, I actually just recently started to cook and was posting a lot of my recipes to Facebook and people were always asking me about the recipe and if it was good, etc etc. I love cooking paleo recipes, and I have some good ones and some not so good ones. And I know if I can cook it and make it taste good then you KNOW that you can!

So recommend some recipes that you are too scared to try or just have no idea if they are good or not and let me try! I'll be honest and will follow the recipes however the website or book wants me too! I'm excited to start sharing some of the great recipes I have made and the amazing people that have made them. I'll make sure I'll give credit were credit is due so everyone knows that your recipe is the bomb-diggity!

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